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Use code "MINDFULLYMURPHY" for 15% off Nuzest!

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

I'm soo excited to share with y'all this awesome company that I'm honored to represent (alongside several professional athletes)... Nuzest! All of their ingredients are plant-based/vegan, which adds essential vitamins and minerals to your daily dose of protein. They have protein powders (AWESOME flavors like coffee, chai turmeric+maca, vanilla matcha, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and coconut coffee), probiotic protein powders, protein bars, multivitamin bars, and probiotic enzyme supplements!

I can attest when I say that I not only love the taste, but also the quality of the ingredients that goes into Nuzest products. It takes a lot for me to trust a company that claims their products are "clean"--especially when it comes to protein powders-- but I can honestly say that I really, really trust and love Nuzest and their products. From a nutrition point of view, protein powders made out of pea protein are actually much better for you than whey protein powders because they are digested much easier and they have more amino acids (plus, they're vegan and we love Mother Earth!).

Use this link to shop and get 25% off using my code "MINDFULLYMURPHY":

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