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NEDA Week: Collab with Jam by Lawson!

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Hey jammers and followers of Murphy! Lawson here. Murphy and I wanted to combine our experiences, creativity, and (mostly Murphy’s) knowledge in this area to make a lasting impact for National Eating Disorder Week.

Likewise to my soft spot for mental health, I felt particularly inspired to create designs around eating disorders because of my own journey with food, exercise, and society’s unrealistic beauty standards. Through my own struggle with body image and countless conversations with friends who similarly battle these thoughts daily, I turned to Murphy’s experience and knowledge for inspiration.

Through a collaboration, Murphy and I wanted to create a collection of designs and content that would start a conversation, raise awareness, and, or provoke you to think in new ways about body image, body positivity, and eating disorders. It can be difficult and intimidating as a young woman (or man) to balance a healthy relationship with food and exercise with hearing and seeing what other friends or people do on social media. We wanted to create a safe space and share our resources and knowledge through fun and whimsical designs so that together we can start to change how society defines what “healthy” and “beautiful” look and feel like.

Look out for the cherry emoji in the product title to shop our collaboration, and for each JAM you buy from this collection, we will donate $2 to The Renfrew Center (an eating disorder treatment center with several locations in the U.S.)!

Stay tuned for more, and as always, have a jammin’ sweet day!

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